Blazing Bull Slots

GSN just released a new Slot this month that I am very proud to have worked on and art directed, Blazing Bull. Huge thanks to Present Creative for creating all of the beautiful symbol art.

Happy Rise of Iron Day!

Destiny's Rise or Iron expansion goes live to today. Here's another piece of Fan art done for a friends hunter to celebrate!

Rise of Iron

In Honor of Bungie's new Destiny expansion this September I'm posting some fan art I made for a friend.


Four years in review

It's been four years since I started at GSN games in February of 2012, between multiple projects and a busy life I've found little time to update website. Shamefully my last post was also four years ago in October when all the fun began. I've learned so much these last four years and my website "cleaning spree" gave me the opportunity to stop for a moment and review how much I've done and how far I have come since I began working for GSN. The Icons from October were my first real venture into Adobe Flash four years ago and twelve Video Bingo games later I was animating entire mini games for seasonal content.

These are a few of my favorite assets I've created over the years, Deringer and badge from Outlaw Video Poker, Love Dove and Monster Bride portrait from Video Bingo, Pocket Watch from Wonderland slots and Jews from Gems of Paradise.

Happy October!

It's my favorite time of year again, and to celebrate Games by GSN has released Halloween Slots. This is the Flash reel icons set I designed and created for the game.


New Project, New Vectors!

I've recently joined Game Show Networks social games team in February and have been very busy with various projects that continue to help me develop various vector styles. Most recently I've found my self drawing a series of organic and in-organic objects.

Here's a series of mushrooms I created for a mini game:

King Tut's Tomb Icons

Travel Icons

This is a set of collection items I designed for one of iWin's social games and it gave me the opportunity to work in a different style and approach. I chose to focus on simple readable shapes similar to retro travel posters.

Finished Rust Monster

This is the end result of my rust monster. I chose to go with a cooler background to better offset the warm tones in the monster.

This illustration is based off the the excerpt from Storm Slayer's Rust Monster description:

"You are down a mine, the only light coming from your lantern, in a square, dead-end chamber littered with the rusted remains of mining equipment – everything from pick-axes to gold-panning trays. Squatting at the centre of all this rusting machinery is a massive toad-like creature with skin the colour and texture of rusting metal. The Rust Monster is chewing pieces of metal between its diamond-hard teeth. It waddles around on claw-like feet and opens its broad mouth, to reveal row upon row of shark-like teeth, as it lurches towards you to attack."

Blobby Rust Monster

I <3 creatures.

I don't usually do creature designs in Illustrator but I wanted to showcase a diffrent style to contrast my more paintly designs.


The Rust Monster is based off of an excerpt from and RPG called Storm Slayer. This piece is currently in progress but I felt it would be interesting to show some of my process. I usually start out with a rough sketch and build up with silhouettes and wire frames until I get the shapes I want. Once I work out my basic shapes I finish off with the details, shadow shapes, and highlights followed by tweaks to the line weight.